Software and services


Pihasa has developed its freeware Pihasa Assistant in order to help all our clients handle the detail design of pipe supports in an automatic manner. The software assists the user in the entry of data and selection of support types, and chooses and calculates the appropriate catalogue components with all their relevant and specific technical characteristics, in a very intuitive and transparent manner, while making recommendations on sizes and dimensions. Finally, the software generates bills of materials, takeout datasheets, and dimensional drawings.

The Pihasa Assistant software is a newly developed software with the most up-to-date programming language, a very small and optimized footprint, and is designed to import, export and share data using the most common spreadsheet file format. Moreover, thanks to its built-in 3D engine it can produce and export dimensional drawings in three dimensions.

To sum up, Pihasa Assistant will be an extremely useful tool that we provide free of charge to all our clients that will help them design supports with the utmost reliability and productivity.

Download Pihasa Assistant



We do not consider orders and clients as a one-time relationship but instead we aim to extend our cooperation with our clients over time.

As a result, we offer the following added value services:

  • Displacement to the job site of qualified engineers and technicians for installation supervision and start-up backup
  • Site surveys and field calibration of spring units
  • Design and/or execution of maintenance programs for installed supports and strainers
  • Training courses on design, selection, installation, supervision, maintenance and repair of pipe supports and filters
  • Development and maintenance of data bases for installed supports
  • Engineering support for pipe supports design
  • Technical assistance for the selection and sourcing of specialty piping components (origin of our activity as suppliers of these products)