Filters and specialties


Since the beginning of our activities, PIHASA designs, manufactures and supplies strainers for water, oil, hydrocarbons and other industrial fluids for the same field that we market our pipe supports to.

More specifically, we offer the following kinds of strainers and filters:

“T” type temporary filters (also know as “bath tube strainers”), conical and conical-cylindrical strainers, “Y” type strainers, simple basket strainers, single body but multiple basket strainers, double body “duplex” strainers, self-cleaning strainers, cartridge strainers

Our experience and technical capabilities enable us to design and calculate strainers for your specific requirements of fluid, viscosity, density, flow rate, pressure, temperature, grade of filtration, acceptable pressure drop, pipe size, installation configuration, etc.

Our manufacture is in compliance with CE regulation and if requested we may also provide a detailed calculation dossier for legalization in foreign countries.

Given that this is a very technical, qualified and specialized field of work, we do not have a standard catalogue package. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details on how we can meet with your filtering needs.


Our focus on customer satisfaction along with our well-known productive flexibility and wide capabilities have led to our fabricating a great deal of special components for the piping systems where we supply our supports and strainers. Also, our technical knowledge as well as logistics and commercial synergies have helped us deal as a supplier of third party manufacture of piping specialty items.

More specifically, PIHASA manufactures the following components:

Spectacle blinds (“figure 8 flanges”), blind discs and spacer rings, drip rings, anchor bolts and plates, special stud bolts and gaskets, sample coolers, exhaust heads, orifice plates, industrial sinks

In addition we operate as package suppliers of the following miscellaneous piping specialized elements:

Metallic and rubber expansion joints, flexible hoses and quick connectors, automatic venting valves, water soluble paper and adhesive tape (for welding applications), sight glasses, expansion bolts, steam traps, air release valves, silencers, spray nozzles and ejectors, desuperheaters, and more…