Our Company

PIHASA specializes in the design, manufacture, inspection and maintenance of pipe supports. We also deal with other piping specialty products like strainers, expansion joints, spectacle blinds and others. Our products are destined for all kinds of heavy industries but mainly for the Power Generation, Refining and Petrochemical sectors.

For more than 30 years, our success in the market has been based on an excellent mix of high quality, very short delivery times, flexibility and capability to deal with our clients’ specific demands, as well as competitive prices. We are proud to have a very qualified staff as well as modern production facilities, all backed up with a strong financial position.

We are here to help you find the best solution for all your pipe supporting needs.


PIHASA was founded in 1981 by Mr. Carlos Cuñado (1938-2007), who was already experienced in the sector. The company aimed to provide a quick and reliable local manufacturer for the growing Spanish demand for specialized pipe support suppliers, specially during the period when nuclear power plants were being built.

Since then, PIHASA has become the leading Spanish manufacturer of pipe supports, and we have diversified our market range from the initial focus on nuclear power generation to all kinds of power generation as well as all the oil & gas and power generation fields. At the same time, our product range has expanded to include other products like anchor bolts, strainers, expansion joints, spectacle blinds, etc., where we can take advantage of commercial and productive synergies. Finally, we have extended our reach to all five continents, consolidating a strong exporting position.

Nowadays, PIHASA is being managed by the second generation and remains as a family-owned business, taking advantage of a core of veteran and experienced staff, while adding a growing number of younger and enthusiastic workers, that aim to continue and increase our company’s success in the 21st century.


PIHASA as an organization shares and promotes a number of values that constitute the pillars of our professional activity:

  • We want to provide our client with more than just a product but instead we aim to focus on the added value that all our experience and specialized knowledge can offer.
  • Even when success means growth, we are determined to keep all the pros of being a small family-owned business: close, personal, quick and flexible. We are not an entity but instead a team of persons that our clients will get to know by name.
  • We promote the satisfaction of our employees, health and security at the workplace, respecting the environment and being honest and loyal during our proffesional activities, premises to be achieved in order to be able to satisty our clients' needs.
  • We design and execute long term business strategies with the perpetual goal of guaranteeing the stability of the company and the consolidation of durable relations with our clients, prioritizing loyalship before short term goals and profilts.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to high standards of quality has always been one of the keys to our success in the marketplace. Our company was born to serve the nuclear power market and therefore ensuring the highest level of quality in our products and in our internal processes was and has been since a must-have. We are currently the only Spanish pipe supports manufacturer that is approved by the group of owners of nuclear power plants in Spain and we are ISO-9001 certified since the 1990s.

Our products are tried-and-tested and their reliability is backed up by three decades of successful fabrication. We will be pleased to provide you with detailed reference lists if you wish.

International presence

Currently being the sole Spanish manufacturer of the complete range of pipe supports for power and petrochemical industries, we have a leading presence in the local market for pipe supports. We are also very relevant in the supply of strainers and other piping specialty elements for our pipe support clients.

In addition, thanks to the international presence of our Spanish clients since the 1980s, we have been exporting at a great rate since the beginning of our activities, and we have a very extensive reference list in the supply of our products for overseas markets, mainly Latin America, North of Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Given that dealings with our clients are highly technical, and due to our customized focus on commercial relationships, we handle our clients directly from our main office in Daganzo, Madrid, Spain. Nevertheless, we have a number of local agents and collaborating companies in certain areas. Please ask for confirmation of the proper channel to discuss your needs with us.

Keys to success

Friendly and always available

Even though our long lasting success has meant growth, we remain being enthusiastic just like when we started business as a small company and everybody in our team, from the management to the workshop roster are available and determined to serve our clients.